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Where to buy Food Photography Props

If you need to know where to buy food photography props, see below for all of my recommendations and places I frequent! Whether you're looking to style cakes, cookies, or even chicken, you'll be able to find props that will really elevate your scene!

where to buy food photography props with muffins on the photography props

I love food photography and styling. It's not only fun but really plays to my creative side. There's nothing more satisfying than taking a few ingredients, making it into a delicious dish, and then showcasing the beautifully finished product.

This article on where to buy food photography props will be broken down into

  • my favorites
  • budget friendly shops
  • how to use what you already have in your home
  • my staple items/must haves
tacos on a serving tray with ranch sauce

my favorite places to buy food photography props

1. Fodory.com

This shop has SO many good finds. I use their serving tray extensively in a lot of my scenes. From vintage props to linens all the way to holiday specific items, they've got it all.

I believe that you also get 10% off of your first purchase too!

2. woodville backdrops

Ok, this is shop gets so much of my money. Between their gorgeous backdrops and ceramic pieces, omg, everything they have is so beautiful.

banana bread on a serving tray

I also have a ton of their ceramic pieces and everything that they have is gorgeous. Admittedly, they're a little expensive but it's SO worth it. A must visit on my where to buy food photography props. I have yet to buy something and didn't like it.

3. etsy

There are a few shops on etsy that I've come to love. They have so many cool vintage finds which take the headache out of having to go to shops, shift through all of the stuff praying to find a diamond in the rough. Here are a few of my faves:

4. crate and barrel

If I could live here I would. All of my bedroom and living room furniture are from Crate and Barrel and .. now my kitchen is full of their items too. Especially their linens and drinking glasses! So many of my drink recipes have their glasses and they're always so well priced and aesthetically pleasing! Great quality too, might I add.

5. anthropologie

Anthropologie's clearance section has so many good finds. It's insane. Also, their serveware is so good for one pot recipes and pasta bakes. I had to include them in my lineup of where to buy food photography props because there's so many good finds here. And I feel like it's a hidden gem.

Yes, it's a super popular company, but I don't know many food bloggers who talk about shopping at anthropologie. Again, ESPECIALLY their clearance section.

a cookie in a tea cup

budget-friendly shops for where to buy food photography props

This is the fun part! I do love setting a budget and going to a thrift store and seeing what I can find. That being said, check out these budget friendly shops on where to buy food photography props:

  • Amazon (I got the teacups in the picture above on amazon. I use them all the time for a pretty/cute feel)
  • At Home - they have so many good finds. One thing I'll say about this place is that sometimes you have to sift a lot through all of their inventory to find something good, but one thing's for certain, this place is always super budget friendly!
  • World Market! I love love love world market for cool food photography prop finds! Check out these recipes featuring world market props:
  • TJ Maxx and Home Goods! It's always a good time at these stores for linens and cute and cozy items!
mocha peanut butter cheesecake bars cut into fours on top of a baking pan with a spoon

How to use items that you already have in your kitchen

If you look at those Mocha Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars in the picture above, you'll see that there are a ton of props in it. However, every last one of these items are things that I use on a daily basis - for cooking, baking, storage etc.

I went with the theme of the recipe (coffee) and pulled out my jar of coffee ground. Then I flipped an 8x8 baking pan, put a piece of parchment paper on top and placed bars on it. Nothing fancy here but the image is still on point and styled as if I spent a ton of money on the items you see here. Check out the tips below on repurposing items that you already own for your food photography scenes:

1. Implement items from your kitchen that tie into your recipe

For example - Are you making a raspberry smoothie? Take leftover raspberries and place them in a bowl behind your smoothies as a visual cue that ties into the recipe.

Or maybe you're making brownies? Take a potato grater and shred up some chocolate to make your scene pop. You don't need fancy items for your food photography scene to really shine!

2. Reimagine your cookware

As I mentioned above, I used an 8x8 baking pan and turned it upside down to prop up my cheesecake bars. On par with this example, don't be afraid to use your already purchased cookware as props.

Pots, pan, baking dishes, silverware, serveware, cooking utensils, cutting boards, cooling racks, etc. - all of these items can be used to elevate your food photography designs.

3. Get creative

I feel like this is a no brainer but I had to add it. Use inspiration in your cooking process to develop your scene. For my Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, I literally only used a plate but decorated the cookies in a way that may you not even realize that there weren't any props!

skillet cookie with food photography props around it

my staple items (must haves!!)

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