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Britney Breaks Bread Holiday Cookbook


It's finally here! Britney Breaks Bread Holiday eCookBook! Cook along with me this holiday season!


Britney Breaks Bread Holiday Cookbook contains over 50 pages of recipes to make your holiday dinner fun, exciting, and delicious! From breakfast all the way to dinner to dessert, this book has it all! These recipes have been curated from years of cooking with family, my travels across the world, and my love of good food. Because holiday cooking can be stressful, Britney Breaks Bread Holiday Cookbook also contains a guide to stress free cooking! I have provided a schedule of when to begin preparing each dish as well as recipe modifications to meet any dietary restrictions you may have. In addition, a grocery template is also included to make your holiday cooking experience as seamless as possible.

wine braised beef with cranberries Oreo cookie blitz sage honey butter dinner rolls two champagne flutes sangria with cranberries apple cider and pears a piece of cake

It's true! The holidays are my favorite time of the year. What better way to celebrate than with good food? This time of the year always reminds me of family, friends, and tons of love being shared. From holiday parties to quaint get-togethers, the food is always the star of the show. I have put together these recipes together with the intent to enjoy, of course, but more importantly, to enjoy amongst loved ones.

When I think of Britney Breaks Bread, I think of my family and everything that I hold dear in my heart. Thoughts of holiday mornings and the hysteria that is my kitchen when prepping holiday dinner. I think of my aunts and uncles sitting around the table playing cards after we've all eaten ourselves silly. I also think of the love that we all have for another and how I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. These memories are why I curated this book. To spread love, to eat good food, and most importantly, to break bread together!

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  1. This ebook was PHENOMENAL! I tried several recipes and my faves were the puff pasties (both savory and sweet recipes) and the wine braised beef with cranberries. I’m so excited to have this ebook on hand for years to come!

  2. What a great collection! Thanks for this! I just bought mine and I am in love already! Will post results as we make them!

  3. Hi! I ordered the ebook today & got the PayPal confirmation but not the book, do I access it somewhere in particular? Thank you! 🙂

  4. Britney,
    You have really outdone yourself with this E book.
    I know this is going to help so many people with relieving holiday stress. You have completely thought of everything and talking us through the whole day. Even the time line and grocery list. Wow!
    This needs to be a book that I can wrap and give to my Auntie as a gift. I know she would love it.


  5. This book is just gorgeous with the perfect mix of more traditional recipes and some with a fun twist! It will just be a few of us for the holidays this year and my biggest issue is that I literally want to make everything in the book! Love the wine pairing suggestions as well.

  6. This book is beautiful! From the photos to the recipes, I can’t wait to cook each and every recipe you put in this! Congratulations Britney!