The BEST Salisbury Steak

Juicy steak patties in a mushroom gravy with sliced onions and fresh parsley make this the perfect weeknight meal.

Enjoy this homemade salisbury steak recipe with green beans and mashed potatoes for a delicious and easy dinner!


Ground Beef Breadcrumbs Milk Fresh Garlic  Dijon Mustard Ketchup Worcestershire Sauce Eggs Italian Seasoning Onion Powder

How to make Salisbury Steak

combine ground beef, Italian seasoning, diced garlic, onion powder, and freshly chopped parsley.

Make gravy - using the leftover grease in the pan, add sliced mushrooms and diced onions. Cook until slightly softened and fragrant

Add the ground beef patties back into the gravy and bring mixture to a boil. Cover with a lid and reduce the heat to low heat.

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