Hamachi  Crudo

Hamachi Crudo is an easy and impressive appetizer that features yellowtail in a garlic and citrus crudo sauce!

It's topped with serrano peppers, sesame seeds, red onions, and capers for a delicious combination of bright and umami flavors.


Sushi Grade Hamachi Soy Sauce Ponzu Sauce Lemon Juice  Sesame Oil Garlic Capers Red Onion Serrano Peppers

How to make Hamachi crudo

– Make the Crudo Sauce. Combine lemon juice, ponzu sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, and diced garlic in a small bowl and mix together.

Cut hamachi into thin slices with a sharp knife, about ¼ inch thick, and arrange on a plate.

Pour crudo sauce on top and garnish with sliced red onion, capers, serrano peppers, and sesame seeds. Finish with flaky salt and lemon zest.

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