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Top 15 Britney Breaks Bread Recipes of 2020

As we countdown to 2021, I wanted to do a list of my Top 15 Recipes of 2020! See below and comment if you have made any of my most popular recipes!

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top 15 recipes of 2020

Can you believe that 2021 is almost here? I can't! 2020 has been such a year. I won't even begin to comment on it, but I'm just grateful that my family and friends are all safe and healthy and happy. On a lighter note, I thought that it would be fun to do a list of this year's most popular Britney Breaks Bread recipes. This Top 15 Recipes of 2020 was compiled by both page views, comments, instagram likes, and the amount of people who made the recipes! So, here is a list of the Top 15 Recipes of 2020!

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let's count back from number 15...

15. gingerbread pound cake with cream cheese frosting

gingerbread pound cake with cream cheese frosting

I made this recipe on Areva Martin's show, The Special Report on December 18th, 2020. After that, SO many people messaged me about this cake and how much they loved it! This recipe is so easy to make but so delicious too. It's the best of both worlds. Give this Gingerbread Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting a Try! I'm just happy that so many people enjoyed it!

14. Bacon cheddar and thyme biscuits

bacon cheddar and thyme biscuits

This recipe was seriously such a win. I love a good biscuit and these Bacon Cheddar and Thyme Biscuits were such a hit at Thanksgiving! Almost 50 people messaged me about making this recipe over the holidays and it was amazing! I think that this recipe was such a hit because it's really simple to make and the result is SO good. They're so cheesy and flaky and those bacon chunks are a game changer!

13. not your grandma's eggnog

not your grandmas eggnog

This is seriously the most creamy and delicious eggnog ever. I decided to make this Not Your Grandma's Eggnog because I wanted a fun holiday drink that could be enjoyed by everyone! If you want to make it dairy free or alcohol free, you can. AND it's so good, I can guarantee that you'll never want to buy store bought eggnog ever again!

12. cinnamon sugar buttermilk donuts

fried donuts

I was shocked by this one because I posted this recipe about one week ago and everyone loved it so much! These Cinnamon Sugar Buttermilk Donuts are so good and so fluffy. These Cinnamon Sugar Buttermilk Donuts will forever be my go to classic donut recipe.

11. pumpkin bread with brown butter hazelnut frosting

pumpkin bread with brown butter hazelnut frosting

Four words - Brown Butter Hazelnut Frosting. I mean, need I say more?! This recipe was a huge hit in my household and I'm so glad that it was so well received with you all as well! The pumpkin bread is spiced with cinnamon and cardamom and nutmeg and a few other spices... and the frosting compliments it so well. This recipe was one of my favorites for the Fall season. It's just so incredible!

10. buttermilk fried chicken with sour cream and honey sauce

fried chicken with sour cream and honey sauce

You can't go wrong with Fried Chicken! Especially when it's marinated in buttermilk and deep fried! Also, the sour cream and honey sauce is out of this world when paired with all of the spices from the fried chicken. If you haven't made this recipe yet, I highly suggest it!

9. oatmeal raisin marshmallow cream pies

oatmeal raisin marshmallow cream pies

These Oatmeal Raisin Marshmallow Cream Pies were so nostalgic to make and to eat! They remind me of the cookie sandwiches that my mom used to pack in my lunch! I love these because they're chewy and creamy and just the absolute perfect snack!

8. sage browned butter pumpkin pie with Spiced meringue

Sage Browned Butter Pumpkin Pie with Spiced Meringue

This Sage Browned Butter Pumpkin Pie is an awesome take on the classic pumpkin pie. SO many people made this in November and it truly made me happy. I was nervous that people would read the "sage brown butter" in the title and think "ew". But to my surprise, a lot of people loved this recipe. It made my heart jump with joy.

7. vanilla bean butter pecan cookies

vanilla bean butter pecan cookies

If you haven't tried these cookies as of yet, they are a must try! These cookies are so gooey and chewy and buttery! The addition of the pecans makes them ever better. In fact, my sister made these cookies over Christmas weekend, for the fourth time, and these cookies were gone almost immediately. With a glass of milk, these cookies are just insanely delicious! I'm so glad that you all feel the same way!

6. brussels sprouts with spicy honey and burrata

brussels sprouts with spicy honey and burrata

Ok, if you don't like Brussels Sprouts, you'll LOVE this recipe. It's that good that it'll change your mind about Brussels Sprouts completely. You've got your savory notes from the sausage, creamy burrata, and the spicy honey and pomegranate come together and make this dish insanely delicious. You have to try this recipe!

5. brown butter garlic and herb mashed potatoes

brown butter garlic and herb mashed potatoes

This is my favorite mashed potato recipe. Between the brown butter, garlic, and fresh herbs - woooo it's really good. I made these randomly and decided to put them on the blog because I had to share it with everyone! This is another easy to make recipes that's good year round but especially during the holidays because this dish is a true crowd pleaser!

4. vegan bourbon apple skillet cake with chai drizzle

vegan bourbon apple cake

Vegan Bourbon Apple Skillet Cake with Chai Drizzle is one of those recipes that's tried and true. I cannot tell you how many times I've made this recipe and just loved it. It's full of soft apples and has a beautiful crumb... and the chai drizzle is the literal icing on the cake. lol

3. tahini and honey chocolate chip cookies

cookies and tahini and honey

Everyone loves Chocolate Chip Cookies, but have you ever had a chocolate chip cookie with tahini and honey?! It's amazing! These cookies are chewy and have a beautiful tahini and honey flavor that truly elevates the traditional chocolate chip cookie!

2. 20-minute summery cajun orzo with kielbasa

summery cajun orzo with kielbasa

This 20 Minute Summer Cajun Orzo with Kielbasa is my favorite go to weeknight meal. It's easy to make and full of so much flavor. So, I was so happy when SO many people tagged me in this recipe saying how much they love it too - so much that it is the #2 recipe of 2020! Insane!

1. honey Za'atar chicken with chickpeas

honey za'atar chicken with chickpeas on a plate

*drumroll* Honey Za'atar Chicken with Chickpeas is this year's #1 recipe! This recipe was the most created, most liked, most re-shared, and most viewed recipe on my site this year! It's sooooo good and best of all, it only take about 25-30 minutes to make! The honey and za'atar with the onions and dill garnished on top make this recipe one that you'll be making again and again! I love this recipe so much because of the flavor profile, but also because it used za'atar which is one of my favorite spices! If you haven't tried this recipe yet, you have to give it a go!

here are the top 15 recipes of 2020! Thank you so much for all of your support this year! stay tuned for amazing recipes in 2021!

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